Yeast Infection Treatment Guide

Yeast Infection Treatment – Want to cure the annoying symptoms of a yeast infection in as little as 48 hours? Read this page completely to learn how you can cure the reason for your yeast infection with 100% natural yeast infection treatment rather than just the treating the symptoms. There will no longer be a need for messy creams or harmful drugs as these yeast infection home remedies will help you to get rid of the nasty yeast infection once and for all.

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What is a Yeast Infection and What Causes It?

Yeast InfectIon in Women

Yeast Infection in Women

A yeast infection is defined as an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Certain conditions cause an overgrowth of yeast, which results in a yeast infection. The most common areas affected by an overgrowth of yeast include the vagina, nail beds and certain areas of the skin.

People that are experiencing diabetes as well as other serious infections are at higher risk to develop yeast infections because of their decreased immunity. Women that are experiencing menopause are also at higher risk for yeast infections. Regardless of the reason for a yeast infection, it is important to find the best yeast infection treatment as soon as possible.

Yeast InfectIon In Men

Yeast Infection In Men

The most common place for a yeast infection to occur is in the vagina. The warm, moist environment of the vagina promotes the overgrowth of yeast that results in a yeast infection. This type of infection is typically called a Candida infection. There are a wide variety of factors that make yeast infections possible including the use of antibiotics, wearing tight clothing, poor nutrition, letting certain chemicals come into contact with the skin and hormonal changes from birth control pills, pregnancy or any other hormonal change.

Types of Yeast Infections:

While the most common yeast infections occur in a woman’s vagina, there are several other common types of yeast infections. It is possible for both men and women of any age as well as babies to get a yeast infection. In babies, the most common areas to get a yeast infection are in the diaper area or in the mouth. Men and women can get yeast infections anywhere that the area is warm and moist including in the under arms, nail beds, under the lower abdomen, under the breasts as well as around denture areas or other areas of the mouth. No matter where the infection has occurred, a yeast infection treatment that gets rid of the overabundance of yeast in the body is essential.

Is it Serious?

Natural Yeast Infection Treatment

Get rid of it with natural yeast infection treatment

Yeast infections can become serious if not properly treated. The most important thing to remember is get yeast infection treatment immediately to prevent it from spreading throughout your body. While it’s not common, yeast infections do have the ability to spread throughout the body. When it does spread throughout the body, there is a substantial mortality rate from this disease. While not as serious, common vaginal yeast infections or yeast infections of the mouth can result in a more serious condition. These conditions are not common, but when they occur, they need aggressive yeast infection treatment as they typically don’t respond to typical yeast infection treatment.

Untreated yeast infections can result in damage to other areas of the body including rashes, joint pain and confusion. If the infection spreads enough that it gets to the bloodstream or even the brain, it can result in life altering mental or behavior function.

What is Considered a Good Yeast Infection Treatment?

There are a wide variety of yeast infection treatment options available. While it can be confusing, there are simply two important factors to remember before deciding the best treatment for you:

  • First, the yeast infection treatment should treat the reason that the yeast infection happened in the first place, rather than just treating the symptoms. This will result in a permanent cure rather than a short-term solution to annoying symptoms.
  • The second thing to remember is that a natural yeast infection treatment is best. If the treatment option doesn’t provide natural ways for your body to respond, then it probably won’t provide a permanent solution, resulting in recurring yeast infections.

Question MarkWhich Treatments Work Best For Yeast Infections?

With all of this information to take in, you are probably wondering what the best yeast infection treatment is. My testimonial as to how I cured my yeast infection will provide you with the best insight as to the best way to treat a yeast infection. I highly recommend the yeast infection treatment method I used, as I was successful in ridding my body of yeast infections and you can be too. Check out this 100% natural yeast infection treatment.

Yeast Infection Treatment With Home Remedies:

It is best to treat the overgrowth of yeast in the entire body rather than just focusing on the curing the annoying symptoms of yeast infections. Below are natural yeast infection treatment remedies that I have utilized with my clients that have been successful:

Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatment

Plain Yogurt

Tampon soaked in plain yogurt – Simply soak a tampon in plain yogurt for 10 minutes and insert it into the vagina, leaving it there for 10 minutes. Repeat this three times a day for maximum relief and the quickest yeast infection treatment. For men with yeast infections, simply applying plain yogurt to the affected area will have the same calming effect on the yeast infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tampon soaked in tea tree oil– Similar to the above procedure except instead of soaking the tampon, you’ll simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to the tampon and insert it into the vagina. This tampon should be worn for 4-6 hours. This procedure can be repeated one more time for maximum yeast infection treatment. If you are uncomfortable wearing a tampon, you can simply apply the tea tree oil directly the affected area.



Use whole garlic or take garlic tablets – Garlic is a very effective way to rid the body of yeast because of its antibacterial products. For women, a very effective way to rid your vagina of a yeast infection is to insert garlic directly into the vagina and leave it for a few hours. For men or even women who are uncomfortable inserting garlic, taking garlic tablets will have the same effect.

Infused oregano oil – Oregano oil that is diluted in oil such as olive oil can be placed under the tongue as a yeast infection treatment. Three to four drops should be applied twice per day until the symptoms are resolved.

Olive leaf – Olive leaf is available in pill form and can be taken up to 6 times per day. Taking this herb as soon as a yeast infection is detected can help it go away much quicker than if you wait until the infection is bothersome.

Pau’darco – This is an herb that is found either in capsule form or in tea form. Take this remedy 2-3 times per day in order to rid your body of excessive yeast.

Vaginal Douche For Yeast Infection Cures

Vaginal Douche

Vaginal Douche – A vaginal douche made up of 50% apple cider vinegar, 50% filtered water and a tablespoon of plain yogurt is effective in soothing the itching and burning symptoms as well as discharge that come along with a yeast infection. This mixture will prove to be very soothing to the bothersome symptoms. Sometimes I also add a few drops of tea tree oil to the douche for a very soothing remedy. This mixture will not only help the painful and irritating symptoms, it will also help to heal the tissue.

Diet – Watching your diet is an essential way to avoid getting yeast infections in the first place. One of the biggest culprits of yeast infection is excessive sugar. While it is difficult to avoid sugar in your diet, it is essential in preventing recurring yeast infections.

Avoid Stress and Medications – While it’s impossible to avoid stress all together, minimizing it as much as possible will also help limit the amount of yeast infections you experience. As well as minimizing stress, it’s important to avoid unnecessary medications as they could also play a role in recurring yeast infections.

Probiotics – Also known as acidophilus, probiotics are a great addition to your diet than can counteract anything in your body that is causing yeast infections by filling your body with good bacteria. Some great ways to get probiotics include Kefir and kombucha.

If the thought of using a douche confuses or overwhelms you, here are a few tips I used to make it as simple as possible. I found an enema/vaginal douche kit from my local drugstore that makes the process very simple. After you put the liquids into the bag, it’s easiest to lie down in the bathtub to use it. Insert the tube on the end and familiarize yourself with how to control the liquid so that it doesn’t come out too fast and make your treatment ineffective. It might take a little practice to get used to using it. After use, make sure to rinse the bag out thoroughly and wash the tube that was used with soap and water.

Why You Should Use a Home Remedy for Your Yeast Infection Rather than Drugs

Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Homeopathic Remdies Should Be The First Choice!

When you have a yeast infection, you want to cure the reason that your body is harboring an excessive amount of yeast rather than just treating the symptoms that it causes. By using over the counter creams, lotions or drugs, you are simply masking the symptoms of burning, itching and irritation, not making them go away permanently. In fact, 97% of over the counter yeast infection treatments marketed towards curing yeast infections only give you temporary relief, not a permanent cure. Along with only masking the symptoms, the over the counter medications also contain harmful chemicals that might cause other side effects and damage to your body and they won’t even cure your initial complaint. So, always prefer yeast infection home remedy rather than any chemical products.

Things to Avoid With Yeast Infections

When you have a yeast infection, there are many things that should be avoided in order to stop giving the yeast a favorable place to grow and therefore make your symptoms worse. Avoid wearing nylons as much as possible, as they are known to trap moisture which promotes the growth of yeast in the vaginal area. Instead of pantyhose, choose thigh high stockings. It’s also important to wear loose fitting, cotton underwear. Wearing any other type of underwear will cause friction, which in turn causes heat and moisture, which is a breeding ground for yeast. It’s also important to avoid sharing towels with anyone. It’s impossible to know if or when someone has the start of a yeast infection and sharing their towel would simply transfer the yeast infection to you as well. Use your own towels and be sure to wash them often.


Yeast Infection Treatment

Say Goodbye To Your Yeast Infection With This Homeopathic Remedies

I’ve been a long-time sufferer of yeast infections so I know how frustrating and painful they can be. As much as 90% of the population experiences at least one yeast infection in their life, most of which are preventable as well as curable. With at least 40% of the population not treating their yeast infections effectively, they are putting themselves at risk for more serious conditions such as acid reflux, severe rash, joint pain, memory issues as well as severe organ damage.

A natural yeast infection treatment is the best way to treat your yeast infections to not only rid yourself of the horrible symptoms of a yeast infection, but also to cleanse your body of any excessive yeast so that you can effectively prevent yeast infections in the future.

A natural yeast infection treatment can effectively treat your yeast infection in as little as 12 hours with no harmful side effects or need to ingest or use any harmful chemicals. I have rid myself of recurring yeast infections and so can you with this amazing all natural yeast infection treatment.

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